Godspeed Tracking Device for Two wheelers (Cell ID base):

GPS Security Tracking System for bikes is an advance and is the latest technology. This gps device for bike is to track your bike live in a map. If your bike is stolen, you will get an SMS alert and you can switch off your bike engine just by sending SMS to your bike’s Security system.

Two wheeler security system and GPS tracking system installed in your bike captures the GPS location information apart from other vehicle information at regular intervals. The other vehicle information like, GPS updates in map (map link), Excessive Acceleration alert, Sudden Breaking Alert, Option to track by Web or Mobile App every 5 mins is also possible.

By installing Two Wheeler Anti theft tracking device, you will get an immediate alert SMS if your bike is stolen. This is all in one Bike tracking device and Bike security system for your bike. You will be getting information about your bike to your mobile on ignition detection, movement detection, SMS alert on bike theft, you can switch Off engine via mobile phone, GPS Vehicle location identification via SMS (GPRS enabled Sim) on mobile phone, GSM location updates and Tilting Alert.

Bike Security System and GPS Tracking Device


  • Our Two wheeler Anti theft security system is Intelligent enough to alert your mobile phone during attempted vehicle theft
  • GPS technology enables you to track your vehicle location using a mobile phone
  • GPS tracker will communicate with your mobile phone via SMS as per your wish
  • Two wheeler security system empowers you to switch off bike ignition during emergency
  • Bike security system detects unauthorized ignition and movement
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking system can be installed in all types of vehicle irrespective of model and make
  • Bike Location identification is tracked using the Bike GPS Tracker and alerted via SMS

Godspeed GPS devices for bikes and its added Advantages in Business:

Receiving data from the GPS two wheeler tracking device, storing those data securely, and providing those data on demand to the user for increased productivity and efficiency.
Two wheeler tracking system can be used for bikes used by
  • Sales Man
  • Delivery boys
  • Medical Representatives
  • Collection Team in banking sectors
  • Site Engineers in Construction Sectors
  • Test drive bikes
  • Rental bikes for tourist

Two wheeler GPS tracker Price: Rs 3553 Warranty: 12 months

This prize is all inclusive of Godspeed gps tracking system installation and warranty.

Ignition Deduction

Movement Detection

Location Identifying

Engine on / off via Mobile

Tilting Alert

SMS alert on vechicle theft

Lock & Unlock

Route Playback


Choice of web Android

Excessive Acceleration

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