Vehicle Security Tracking and Control Solution

Vehicle Tracking and Management

Godspeed Fleet is a service enabled through positioning technology that includes GPS, GPRS. It helps you to track, manage and control the vehicles in your fleet. With the aid of our web portal you will be able to access the information online. With options of multiple reports and alerts via web and SMS you will always be informed of your vehicle where about and its key statistics such as speed, idling, route and status of sensors including ignition, hydraulics, fuel etc...This simple yet affordable technological solution comes to you from Vazhikatti systems Limited, leading company involved in GPS and security based products and services.

Godspeed offers fantastic range of GPS car tracking systems at affordable prices so whatever your financial estimate you will get the perfect tracking device.

Why should you use Godspeed Fleet?

  • Tracking: You will know “when and where of your vehicle” - Enabling quick decision
  • Alerts: Immediate information of wrong doings via SMS - Complete control over your fleets
  • Monitoring:Details of usafe of vehicle, mileage and sensor - Cost efficient and optimize fleets
  • Security: In relations to theft & unauthorized usage - Offering peace of mind
  • Optimization: Reduction of fleet size for a given route - Leverage your completeness

Live Tracking



Fuel Level Sensor

RFID Reader


Temperature sensorr

Hydraulic pressure sensor

Proximity Sensor

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